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Run Your Electric Meter Backwards!

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. This new concept in generating your own renewable energy performs much like any large electrical appliance such as a clothes dryer or air conditioner, but instead of taking electrical power FROM an outlet, you put electricity INTO the outlet! If at any time your wind and solar system is producing more energy than you are using, your electric meter will run backwards reducing your electric bill. If your electrical loads are larger than the wind generator and solar production, your meter will slow down reflecting your reduced need to buy electricity at retail from the utility. No batteries are used or required! You get up to 12 kilowatts of hybrid renewable electricity, 10 kilowatts from the new Ventera VT10 wind turbine and 2 kilowatts from solar photovoltaics 100% of which goes directly to reduce your electric bill by means of our exclusive dual input VI12 synchronous inverter.

Designed to Pay for Itself

Few things in this life are free, but you might agree our new Ventera V12 wind and solar system comes pretty close. Designed for at least a 30 year life and minimum maintenance, the Ventera wind turbine on an 80 foot tower can produce $2000 or more worth of electricity per year, electricity you would otherwise have to buy, if your wind regime is 12.5mph-5.5m/s (class III) or better and you pay 8 cents or more for electricity. In not much more than 10 years you’ll have earned back your original investment and in 30 years you could pocket 3 times or more the original investment! If you assume electric rates will go up in the coming years, and many predict they’ll go up faster than the rate of inflation, you’ll earn back your investment even faster. If you can depreciate the wind turbine cost as a farm or business expense, your payback will be even sooner. If your average wind speed is greater than 12.5 mph-5.5m/s, which is true for many sites in the US Midwest, your payback can be sooner yet. And, some states offer tax credits for small wind systems reducing the payback time even further. Careful design of every component and advanced tooling and manufacturing processes bring the initial cost of the Ventera turbine, synchronous inverter and self-supporting tower to historic lows. The frame is an aluminum casting (made from environmentally friendly recycled aluminum), not an expensive weldment. The downwind orientation eliminates the need for a costly and cumbersome tail. The blades are injection molded for low cost and absolute uniformity. The brushless, one-moving-part, large diameter alternator minimizes the use of copper, steel and rare earth magnet material. Our unique synchronous inverter utilizes a common power handling stage with separate wind and solar peak power tracking input stages to bring you hybrid grid connection at an unheard of low price.

How the Ventera VT10 Generator Works

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The Highest Performance Blades in the Industry

The new Ventera 10 kilowatt turbine is specifically designed to be the most efficient wind turbine available to convert wind energy into electricity. Three advanced, proprietary airfoil-shaped blades “fly” in the wind, much like a modern airplane wing, to convert the kinetic energy of moving air mass into Ventera VT10 self-regulating propeller blades rotating mechanical force. The blades of this propeller have a specific shape which has been developed from over 30 years experience in wind turbine design to provide the highest output at the lowest noise level at all wind speeds for a propeller of this diameter. For perfect reproduction of the advanced airfoil shape in each blade, Ventera has developed the molds to manufacture the largest injection molded blade in the industry.

Great Survivability AND Power Production in High Winds

Our patented (Number 7,186,083), exclusive governor automatically pitches the outer portion of each blade in response to a combination of wind force and propeller rpm. This governor effectively limits propeller rpm to avoid damage to the propeller, generator, tower and electronics. This centrifugal-force activated blade pitching governor results in maximum power output in winds above governing speed as opposed to more primitive methods such as furling or stalling that result in steep reductions in power output in high winds. Our advanced governor will limit propeller rpm at much lower wind speed in the event of electrical load loss insuring always quiet operation.

Simple Design Reduces Cost, Increases Performance AND Eliminates Almost All Preventative Maintenance

The rotating mechanical force of the propeller directly drives an ultra high efficiency permanent magnet generator mounted to an aluminum mainframe with no transmission to rob power, require lubrication or need maintenance. On the tower end of the mainframe is the vertical yaw shaft housing which also includes a redundant connection brush and slip ring assembly allowing the turbine to follow the changing wind direction without twisting the power output cable. Another function of the aerodynamic mainframe casting is to orient the wind turbine blades to the wind direction creating a modern, tailless, downwind design.

Take Advantage of Windiest Locations

Electricity is generated by the Ventera generator in a high voltage, three phase form that minimizes the wire size and cost necessary to carry the electricity from the turbine to the inverter and your electric meter.

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Ventera VT10 Generator

This permits you to economically place the turbine and tower at a location on your property up to several thousand feet or 1000 meters from your electric meter which allows you to choose the tower site on your property with maximum exposure to the wind.

Superior Design Using the Best Materials Available

The advanced generator features oversize rare earth super strength magnets rotated by the propeller inside an extra large, stationary copper winding assembly. By over sizing these components and choosing the highest grade steel for the winding laminations, Ventera achieves a superior generator efficiency averaging over 90% resulting in more kilowatt hours of electrical energy per month for this size propeller. There are no electronic components on top of the tower to require inspection or repair or to be prone to damage from lightning or static electricity.

TURBINE and INVERTER (both required)
VT10-240Ventera Turbine 10kw, 22 Foot Diam for 240v Grid Connect16,100
VI12-60N10kw Wind + 2kw PV Synchronous Inverter 240vac, 60hz9,500
V10-12DTI12kW Standard Inverter 60Hz9,500
V10E-12DTI12kW Standaard Inverter 50Hz9,800
TOWERSNote: Height shown includes 10ft top tube adaptor and hinged base.
R-70Rohn 60′ SSV w/10′ Extension14,840
R-90Rohn 80′ SSV w/10′ Extension18,280
R-110Rohn 100′ SSV w/10′ Extension22,100
R-130Rohn 120′ SSV w/10′ Extension26,750
R-5YRRohn 5 year Warranty500
A-50MHVentera 50′ Monopole8,350
A-50MHVentera 50′ Monopole – Motorized12,875
A-25MTR25 Ton Motorized Raising System for 50′ Tower3,800
A-70MVentera 70′ Monopole14,925
A-70MHVentera 70′ Monopole – Motorized18,825
A-35MTR35 Ton Motorized Raising System for 70′ Tower5,000
A-90MVentera 90′ Monopole18,775
A-90MGVentera 90′ Monopole w/Gin Pole Hookup20,490
A-110MVentera 110′ Monopole23,025
A-110MGVentera 110′ Monopole w/Gin Pole Hookup24,500
A-90GINGin Pole for 90′ Tower5,500
A-110GINGin Pole for 110′ Tower6,500