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Few companies in the renewable energy industry can claim to be true technology disruptors like Ginlong Technologies, founded in 2005. Since achieving UK G83 certificate in 2006, Ginlong Solis inverters have led the inverter innovation for next generations and grown to be the world top branded inverter with 1 GW annual production capacity. Ginlong Solis ships products to over 60 countries, partnering with top class clients in each country.

Ginlong Solis inverters represent a well-respected, value priced brand of inverters. Solis brand, owned by Ginlong, was originated in Australia, meaning “Sun” in Spanish. Solis inverter addresses a broad range of solar market segments, from residential installations to commercial and small utility-scale installations. Solis inverters are UL 1741 certified and integrated with Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) for NEC 2011 690.11 compliance.

Solis inverter has over ten years proven track record for Reliability, Performance and Design Flexibility. In 2015, Solis inverter is 3rd party tested by world leading engineering firm DNV-GL for these industry leading features.

Excellent Reliability, operating even under harsh environment

  •    Thermal Cycling Test – Rapid changes in environmental temperatures
  •    Damp Heat Test – Harsh hot and humid environment
  •    Humidity Freeze Test – Harsh cold humid environment

Outstanding Energy Yield,, proven in real client field testing for quick return on investment

  •    Superior efficiency, 97.8% for single phase and 98.3% for three phase.
  •    Precision MPPT algorithm with fast response time.
  •    Excellent low irradiance performance for long working hours

Superior Design Flexibility, for ease of design and installation

  •    Ultra wide DC operational range 100V-500V for single phase and 200V-800V for three phase
  •    Dual MPPT design starting from 2.5kW, and industry first Four MPPT design for three phase
  •    Ultra low DC:AC loading ratio up to 0.5 : 1, allowing for expansion without switching inverter
  •    Unique string mismatch feature for differing pitch or orientation of PV strings.
eiffel tower ginlong invert - Wind & Solar Inverters

Ginlong Solis inverter is proud of being installed on Eiffel Tower in Paris on February, 2015.

Solis inverter is compact and light weight for one-person installation; Solis inverter has NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosure with Hose-down and Salt spray tested for in-door and out-door installations. Solis inverter includes numerous protection functions to give end users “peace of mind”. Free Real-time data monitoring is available from Web, iPhone monitoring app, or Android monitoring app, to enhance system monitoring and assure production through immediate alerts at string and system level.





Ginlong 2k UL1741 Listed Solar or Wind – $820.00

inverter1 - Wind & Solar Inverters

Ginlong 5k UL1741 Listed Solar or Wind – $1,875.00

Inverter2 - Wind & Solar Inverters

10k wind turbine inverter solution:
2 – 5Kw inverters with isolation transformer – $5,250.00