Split Cool Solar HVAC Systems

Split cool systems provide heating and cooling via a heat pump, and solar collectors.

The system uses r410a Freon for future government requirements and cools a home via removing heat from the home and taking it outside with a compressor and evaporator.

It closes a valve to bring in heat from the outside and the solar collector in the winter time to heat the home.

The solar collector boosts Freon pressure significantly by heating it so the compressor works less. This works so well it generally saves up to 75% over standard heat pumps.

Sizes are customizable for the installation the installer should determine the house size and minimum cooling and heating requirements before selecting a size.

Heat pump uses high quality fans for a much quieter 55db performance far superior to the majority of brands on the market today.

Available with inverter drive to use solar panels to power the unit during daylight hours.

Can be integrated into a heat pump hot water, heating, cooling, solar system. Most popular sizes are

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hvac3 - Split Cool Solar HVAC Systems