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About SRI Wind Solar
SRI Wind Solar will customize a system for your home need as well as service all warranty calls and maintain extended maintenance with your wind turbine parts project. SRI Wind Solar also offer financing. SRI Wind Solar is a renewable energy company specializing in wind turbine parts sales and installations. These applications include residential, commercial, remote energy supply, community power, island electrification, telecom, hybrid and specialty applications. Call SRI Wind Solar today for details on your wind turbine parts project at 316-204-3604.
What Makes Us Unique?
SRI Wind Solar provides energy solutions, including wind turbine parts services to meet the needs of home owners, businesses and public facilities across Kansas and northern Oklahoma. Specializing in wind turbine parts services and certified in grid direct system and Osiris turbine installations. SRI Wind Solar has been in business for 12 years where many Renewable Energy companies have come and gone, we are not going anywhere, we will always be here to provide your wind turbine parts project service for maintenance and other issues. Call SRI Wind Solar today for details on your wind turbine parts project at 316-204-3604.
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These days solar energy is quickly becoming the favorite of energy sources and why not? Sunlight is free of charge, depending on where you live it is plentiful and it's clean energy. When it comes to servicing solar panels it should be done by a professional. Regular servicing ensures you always have maximum benefit of your Solar Heating or Power system.

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