Ginlong Solis inverter installed on Eiffel Tower

This month, two Ginlong (Solis) inverters were chosen to provide the electrical solutions for two sets of UGE wind turbine systems on the Eiffel Tower as part of a high-profile renovation and upgrade to the monument. Not only that, Ginlong controllers were also selected to rectify the wild AC from turbines and particularly control the turbines at high wind. The turbines are expected to produce 10,000 kilowatts hours of electricity per year, offsetting the annual consumption of all commercial activity on the Eiffel Tower’s first floor. Based on IHS Research, Ginlong wind inverter has consistently occupied top two position in term of global market share. Ginlong (Solis) inverters are shipped to over 60 countries, from World’s Fair in Shanghai, China, Barbados in Caribbean Islands, to Cliff House restaurant in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, to name a few. Now Ginlong inverter presents in Paris, working the Société d’Exploitation de la tour Eiffel.

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